Welcome to a new world

a hand full of white sand

The new era of publishing is driven by a few powerful engines. One of these is Kindle.

Amazon’s Kindle and its proprietary realm serves authors and producers of all sorts of content with an array of publishing options. Content is not just about the book, and modern writers and authors who pay close attention to this transition will thrive as the future unfolds.

Like everything to do with new media, social media, blogging and publishing, the transitions are sudden — and no one is an expert. It’s all too new. We do have specialists, however, who are collaborating and delivering this new world in digestible pieces.

Kindle Chat is to support that collaboration. I’m Suzanna Stinnett, a book author, blogger, and content specialist with a deep interest in the vehicle Kindle provides.

For the past two-plus years I’ve led a user group in the San Francisco Bay area called Bay Area Bloggers Society. I started this group to help people meet locally to soften the learning curves of new communication technology, and for specialists to share their services with potential clients. Now an O’Reilly Media sponsored user group, B.A.B.S. also has a local directory of web specialists (BABS Directory).

I’m expanding my efforts now with this new commitment to steward the “realm” of Kindle on Twitter. Co-leaders are warmly invited. All efforts today are greatly enhanced by collaboration.

Would you like to be a guest host of Kindle Chat? Just let me know at my Twitter handle, @Brainmaker, and use #kindlechat in the post.

You can follow the chat by searching on Twitter for #Kindlechat. You can also use streamlined tools such as Tweetchat.com, WhatTheHasthtag, or TWebEvent.

See you Fridays at 12pm Pacific time on #KindleChat!

Warm wishes,

Suzanna Stinnett


About Suzanna

Author of fiction and nonfiction, publishing consultant, founder of Bay Area Bloggers Society. Travel! Seaside! Dogs! Whedon!
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